Interested in Joining Post 3402?

Our Post is always looking for new members as well as our Auxiliary. Check out the eligibility requirements by clicking below. Our Post annual dues are $33 for the year. National also offers life memberships which vary in cost based on your age. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Post Officers

Commander: Larry Bederian

Senior Vice Commander: Herman Anderson

Junior Vice Commander: Jose Trevino

Quartermaster: Ernest Carruthers

Adjutant: Chris Corbett

Chaplain: Fred Dacey

Judge Advocate: Matt Linehan

Surgeon: Rick Grover

1 Year Trustee: Chuck Bailey

2 Year Trustee: Tom Sullivan

3 Year Trustee: Joe Collins

Service Officer: Ernest Carruthers

Post Auxiliary

Auxiliary Meetings

The Auxiliary of Post 3402 meets on the third Monday of the month at the Post at 6:30pm. Dues are $1.50 per meeting/ $20.00 for the year. Anyone interested in joining the Auxiliary is welcome to come to a meeting to find out more.

Auxiliary Officers

President: Susanna Theriot

Senior Vice President: Patti Wyllie

Junior Vice President: Dolores Docherty

Secretary: Valerie Carrachino

Treasurer: Janet Bederian

Chaplain: Virginia Burnett 

Conductress: Veronica Anderson

Guard: Rebecca Howell

1 Year Trustee: Rebecca Howell

2 Year Trustee: Patti Wyllie

3 Year Trustee: JoAnn Wright